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Free Delivery for orders over $200 (excludes bulky and heavy products)
Free Delivery for orders over $200 (excludes bulky and heavy products)

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If your Dyson is running slow and can’t maintain its charge, it's time to replace its battery. At BatteryMate, we can give you the best Dyson replacement battery at an unbeatable price to maintain optimal performance, as though you’ve just unpacked it from the box for the first time.

Thanks to our quality range of Dyson batteries and accessories, there’s no need to spend big on a new vacuum cleaner when yours starts to lose performance.

Recharge your vac with a Dyson replacement battery

At BatteryMate, we can supply you with a compatible Dyson replacement battery to refuel your vacuum and give it a new life without the cost of replacing the whole unit. Explore our collection and find the best Dyson replacement battery that perfectly fits your model and gives you a smoother and longer clean.

For a cost-effective way to replace your batteries that improves performance, our range of Dyson battery replacements will give you a charge that will last for routine cleaning and last-minute cleanups before visitors arrive.

All of our Dyson replacement batteries and Dyson accessories are manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our high-capacity batteries have superior charging capabilities and are perfectly suited to replace lower-capacity batteries.

If you’re a fan of first-rate Dyson technology, you won’t be let down by our range of quality Dyson replacement batteries and accessories.

Take advantage of powerful Dyson technology

Prized for their innovative technology, convenience and uncompromising ability to tackle messes in your home, Dyson vacuums have been adopted by households across Australia to handle spot cleaning and replace their bulky barrel vacuum.

Dyson cleaners easily outpace other vacuum cleaners in more ways than one. Their superior suction power ensures dirt, dust and allergens are swiftly captured, and unique ball technology makes the Dyson extremely easy to manoeuvre around the room, lessening fatigue for the user.

Even better, Dyson cleaners come in a range of versatile designs — from lightweight, compact sticks and cordless handheld designs, to larger canister vacuums. With Dyson, there truly is a vacuum to suit every need.

But, like all rechargeable devices, your Dyson battery has a predetermined life that will slowly degrade over time. OurDyson replacement batteries and Dyson accessories effectively prolong the life of your beloved Dyson, allowing you to keep tackling messes for a long time to come.

Dyson replacement batteries for every model

No matter the model you have, we have the best alternative to a Dyson battery to extend the life of your trusty vacuum cleaner. From a Dyson V6 battery to others that perfectly fit a V7, V10 and many others, we have everything you need to restore the working capacity of your Dyson vacuum, including replacement filters, adaptors, and mop and brush cleaning heads.

Can’t find what you’re after in our store? No problem — simply get in touch with our friendly team to confirm that we have what you need in stock.

Shop with confidence at BatteryMate

At BatteryMate, we’ve made it easy to get the most out of your electronics and appliances. With a simple battery switch, your devices will be working like new. With fast delivery and competitive prices, experience the BatteryMate difference and boost the power of your electronics. If you need help finding a Dyson replacement battery for your model, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’ll be happy to help.

View our full range of Dyson replacement batteries today

Looking to restore your Dyson to optimal performance? Look no further than BatteryMate for all of your Dyson replacement needs.

Along with our extensive range of Dyson replacement batteries and accessories, we offer a range of custom services, including free standard delivery on orders over $70, secure payments, 24/7 online support, and free returns. Don’t delay — browse our extensive range today!

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