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Free Delivery for orders over $200 (excludes bulky and heavy products)

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If your Dyson is running slow and can’t maintain its charge, it's time to replace its battery. At Battery Mate, we can give you the best Dyson replacement battery at an unbeatable price to maintain optimal performance, as though you’ve just unpacked it from the box for the first time.

Recharge your vac with a Dyson replacement battery

Prized for their innovative technology, convenience and uncompromising ability to tackle messes in your home, Dyson vacuums have been adopted by households across Australia to handle spot cleaning and replace their bulky barrel vacuum. Like all rechargeable devices, your Dyson battery has a predetermined life that will slowly degrade over time.

At Battery Mate, we can supply you with a compatible Dyson replacement battery to refuel your vacuum and give it a new life without the cost of replacing the whole unit. Explore our collection and find the best Dyson replacement battery that perfectly fits your model and gives you a smoother and longer clean.

For a cost-effective way to replace your batteries that improves performance, our range of Dyson battery replacements will give you a charge that will last for routine cleaning and last-minute cleanups before visitors arrive.

Dyson replacement batteries for every model

No matter the model you have, we have the best alternative to a Dyson battery to extend the life of your trusty vacuum cleaner. From a Dyson V6 battery to others that perfectly fit a V7, V10 and many others, we have everything you need to restore the working capacity of your Dyson vacuum, including replacement filters, adaptors, and mop and brush cleaning heads.

Shop with confidence at Battery Mate

At Battery Mate, we’ve made it easy to get the most out of your electronics and appliances. With a simple battery switch, your devices will be working like new. With fast delivery and competitive prices, experience the Battery Mate difference and boost the power of your electronics. If you need help finding a Dyson replacement battery for your model, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’ll be happy to help.


How do I know if my Dyson vacuum battery needs replacing?

If your battery run time has reduced, and it can no longer maintain its charge to clean the same areas it usually would, it’s time to get a Dyson replacement battery. As the leaders in the space, we can supply you with the best Dyson replacement battery that gives you a high-capacity and quick charge.

How long do Dyson vacuum batteries last before replacement?

A battery’s life naturally degrades over time and is also affected by how many cycles it goes through. While there’s no determined time it should last, you should generally get 2-3 years of use.

Should I replace my Dyson vacuum battery or buy a new vacuum?

It depends. If your Dyson is otherwise functioning well, but the battery just isn’t lasting as long as it used to, it’s probably not necessary to buy a whole new unit. Our Dyson battery replacements offer an easy and economical way to renew your Dyson stick vacuum without the expense of a complete replacement.

Why does my Dyson only last 10 minutes?

You may be using your Dyson stick vacuum on Max or Boost mode for spot cleaning, which needs higher levels of power. If you’re using it in its regular mode, your Dyson should be running substantially longer — it may mean that its battery has outlasted its life, and it’s time to order a Dyson replacement battery.

What's the difference between V7 and V8 Dyson?

The primary difference between these two models is that the Dyson V7 features a 30-minute battery life while the Dyson V8 enjoys a longer 40 minute run time.

How many mAh is the Dyson V6 battery?

Our Dyson replacement battery is 4,800mAh.

Can I replace a Dyson vacuum battery with one with a higher mAh?

Yes, you can. Battery will work perfectly fine as long as you choose the correct model for your battery. We can supply you with the best alternative to a Dyson battery made specifically for your model.

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